Murder Arrest in Osprey

A South Carolina man was arrested Saturday for murdering a Sarasota resident poolside at Bentley’s Hotel in Osprey. 23 year old Michael Rice of Seneca South Carolina was arrested for homicide after reportedly shooting Phil Nahon in the head point-blank at the pool & Tiki bar area of the hotel. Rice is being held w/o bond at the Sarasota county jail.



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One Response to Murder Arrest in Osprey

  1. Jennifer says:

    This animal cold blooded shot my sisters fiancĂ© in cold blood just for the fun of it . I pray for Phil’s little boy , family, and my sister that they won’t have to be tortured with a long dragged out trial, that he will get the death penalty and they will have some sort of justice. As for bentleys hotel … Where was security ?? Come on. In this day and age?? With all the horrible people out there … Wasn’t any employee or guest paying attention to the fact he was standing at the bar for some time with a gun in his shorts ??

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